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NB: Access to the event is FREE only from June 13th to June 15th, 2014. You may gain full, unlimited access to all recordings risk free here.

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Can I Watch The Event Free Of Charge? +

Yes! You are welcome to attend every seminar and interact with every speaker while also connecting to the community during the three days of the event, i.e. 13-15 June, 2014.

Access will be totally free and so will be your interaction with everyone. Please note that you may access each session at its due time as per Event Schedule, which you can view here. During and after the event you may purchase unlimited access to watch every session at your convenience, download all further material that will be released and keep learning from within the Forum and the ongoing Q&A section.

Is Free Access Unlimited? +

Access will be openly available during the three days of the event. That means you can watch every session as many times as you want according to the event calendar and until June 15th.

You can purchase unlimited access during and after the event for $197  to watch the entire event at your convenience and you’ll have 30 days to decide whether it was worth the investment.

NB: Price is subject to change after the event, so we strongly encourage attendees to take on the offer while it’s still available.

What Happens After June 15th, 2014? +

Access to the event and to the community will be restricted to members only. Members will have the opportunity to keep interacting with each speaker and with other fellow members of the community. There will be a number of bonus surprises released after the event to complement the already big amount of invaluable training and information that each speaker will provide.

What If I Can't Watch The Event When It's Broadcasted? +

You can always watch it at your own convenience by getting your own, exclusive membership to the site.

Is The Event Live? +

Every training session will be pre-recorded shortly before the event to allow content to be highly effective, engaging and invaluable. Every speaker will air solo at a predetermined time according to the event schedule. We value your time and want every session to run smoothly and without interruptions or technical issues (which as you probably know, may occur anytime) so you make the most out of your training time.

You will be nevertheless able to ask each speaker your #1 question and interact with the community both below each training session and in the community forum, during the three days of the event. And you’ll be granted the same benefits after the event is over, provided that you join our members area.

Each speaker will be following the event and will be reachable both during the weekend of 13-15 June and well after that and he/she will get back to you. If for some reason a speaker may not be available to answer your questions, the host of the event will take care of the question for you and will make sure you get an answer in due time.

Can I Ask Each Speaker My #1 Question? +

Of course, you can! And you are more than welcome to! We will go the extra mile to answer you as fast and as best as we can.

Can I Join The Community Of Rentalpreneurs Like Me? +

You are more than welcome to! It is actually what we most aim to, for it will give you invaluable opportunities to learn even more.

Can I Interact With The Community Of Fellow Attendees? +

Absolutely yes! You will be given the opportunity to comment below each training session and also within a dedicated Forum on the event website.

Interaction will be a fundamental part of the whole summit. We aim to grow our combined knowledge all together to reach the best performance each VR business deserves.

What Is The Price Of The Entire Event? +

The event is FREE to attend from June 13th to June 15h, 2014.

You can purchase unlimited, lifetime access to the entire recordings + the community + all the material from the summit for $197 and we offer an ironclad 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so your membership is totally risk free.

We are so confident that you will find all the training sessions, the community forum and the chance to interact with each speaker so priceless that we take all the risk on us! And if you think it’s not worth it, just send us an email at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you back every penny, no question asked.

We guess you’ve never attended an Owner Summit where the organizers offered you a full refund if you weren’t satisfied with what you saw, right? Well, this guarantee among the others speaks for ourselves.

You can get unlimited access now, by clicking the ‘Get Access Now’ button below:



The price will go up shortly after the event, so we strongly recommend you act immediately to secure all material while it’s still priced at $197. We know 12 hours of training are worth thousands of dollars and each speaker charges several times the price of the entire recordings for a private consultation, not to mention access to the community and being able to ask your questions and get all the answers.

Think about it for a moment: How invaluable is knowledge? Would you give away 1 or 2 nights at your property to learn how to get dozens back many times over?