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  • Get More Bookings, by Learning How To:

    – Get to 80% occupancy in less than three months.
    – Extend your booking season and rent off-season weeks.
    – Build your own stunning site in minutes.
    – Inspire and influence decisions.
    – Establish adequate independency from listing sites.
    – Leverage all streams of traffic to your property’s site.

  • Streamline Workflows, by Mastering How To:

    – Bring tasks under one roof and automate processes.
    – Manage multiple calendars/listings with one click.
    – Speed up your management procedures.
    – Understand analytics and use them effectively.
    – Save time to focus on what matters you most.

  • Maximize Your Rental Income, by Mean of:

    – Increasing your booking rate significantly.
    – Staging your vacation rental property impeccably.
    – Building a loyal following of raving fans and ambassadors.
    – Claiming your spot in the press and establish your reputation.
    – Collecting lots of 5 star genuine reviews and rank higher than your competitors.

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Jenny's 'A-Ha' Moments!

And Lisa's Best TakeAways!

Beth Carson

It’s not often that I give a raving endorsement.

Buy Now!‘ or ‘Limited Time!‘ are not my style.

There was a lot of build up to the Vacation Rental World Summit. I know Antonio Bortolotti, and know he does things well. However, I did not expect the level of new, innovative, fresh, impactful ideas. And I’m talking about just Antonio’s first presentation. I honestly sent an email to a colleague of mine with a link to Antonio’s presentation with the subject line: “MIND BLOWN”.

The rest of the seminar is fantastic, with owners and experts weighing in on décor, filling off-season weeks, getting to 80% occupancy, ranking on page 1 of Google, taking professional photos, and so much more.

So, it’s my highest recommendation that you buy now. In fact, I’m so sure that you’re going to make more than 10 times your money back – honestly, easily 30 times – if you implement these ideas, that Antonio will guarantee it with a 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s that good!

Beth Carson Editor, Vacation Rental Travel Magazine
Michele Fitzgerald

I attended the Vacation Rental World Summit this year and it was a fantastic learning experience. I was very impressed with the high-tech applications used for the event, the seamless delivery of every facet of the program, and the ultra-rich content that was provided by the experts who participated in the Summit.

I gained scores of sales, marketing, and management tips that have already helped my vacation rental business, and I have been able to successfully apply some of what I learned to another one of my businesses, too. I look forward to whatever Antonio offers up next — I am very sure that whatever it is, it will be exceptional.

Michele Fitzgerald Owner, Senzar Learning Center
Alanna Schroeder

Antonio brings a high level of integrity to the vacation rental industry. I have been following Antonio for over a year now and have recommended him to many colleagues in the business. Antonio has been a great resource for me when it comes to my vacation rental business and I highly recommend that any vacation rental owner participate in the Vacation Rental World Summit – thank you Antonio for coordinating such a valuable online conference of industry experts.

Alanna Schroeder Owner, The Distinguished Guest

15 Complete Training Sessions (12 Official + 3 Bonus Videos)

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An Exclusive Community Forum

$ 197
Lisa Ha Smith

I got so much out of the VRWS! I utilized the break times between sessions to improve all my marketing. In three days time I had started Google Plus and Pinterest pages, revised my canned inquiry responses and drafted my first “bespoke reply” landing page. I also made extensive revisions to my website to put the information my guests want front and center. And that’s just my marketing! There’s much more on my To Do lists for decorating and photos, property enhancements, business model and planning for my next VR purchase. My biggest take away is the fact that people in this industry will not survive if they don’t adapt. (Wendy Shand). Thank you to Antonio and all the presenters!

Lisa Ha Smith Owner,
Jenny Oest

The 2014 Vacation Rental World Summit was a fun, well-organized, and informative event.  The speakers covered a wide range of relevant topics, and had a variety of messages for VR owners at all levels of experience.

My greatest “A-HA moment” during the event was discovering the power of email, and other FREE tools!  I discovered weaknesses in my business practices AND ways to fix them without spending a fortune!

Thanks to Antonio and all of the speakers in 2014!  I’m looking forward to 2015 VRWS!

Jenny Oest Owner, Premium Beach Condos

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  • Engage with a highly motivated, exclusive community forum of likeminded 'rentalpreneurs' like you.
Paula Vaughnn Paula Vaughnn, Casa Paloma - San Diego, California

I am SO glad to have come across your Vacation Rental World Summit - you have opened my eye to so many things!!! And I have to give you my thanks for introducing me to such valuable learning tools, gurus etc.

Jan Stevens Jan Stevens, Owner - Lazy Bowen Hideaways - Bowen Island, Canada

I absolutely loved the Vacation Rental World Summit this year and I am so happy to know that there will be another in 2015.

Gene Cetrone Gene Cetrone, Owner - Casa Paradise, Guatemala

Kudos for your Summit.  Very well done.  Excellent seminar.  Much to think about.  Much to do.  Because I'm new to taking a professional approach to managing my 3 properties in Guatemala, I have much to see, learn, and absorb. My notes make up a pile of paper 1/2 inch thick. I ran my computer out of ink, and finished off a brand new gel pen! Ten days ago I returned to Guatemala for the half year, and brought all those notes and copies with me.  United Airlines was pleased too: $40 for the extra luggage. Still there is much to process and to implement in building my rental business. Again, Muchas Gracias Señor for this opportunity.

Andrea Borella Andrea Borella, Owner - Bangkok Apartments, Thailand

The Vacation Rental World Summit has been a true revelation to me! Thanks to the huge quantity of invaluable nuggets and tips I learned in just three days I was able to take my apartments in Bangkok to the next level incredibly fast!  Prior to that I didn't even have a website worth mentioning. Now it's totally different!

I started out as a newbie not long ago and I am ahead of all my competitors in my area already! Thanks for putting together such massive event and all the recordings. I’m really looking forward to watching VRWS 2015 and learn a lot more.

Della Halvorson Della Halvorson, Plaeikaiko, Hawaii

I have so many ideas running through my head, I just wish I had time to implement them!

Quite a bit of what I took away from the sessions that I was able to attend Friday and Saturday were ideas that I had already, but didn't quite have fully formed in order to implement.

I think your sessions helped solidify my thoughts which will help me with implementation. Mahalo nui loa!!

Helen Dawson Helen Dawson , Platinum Apartments - Melbourne, Australia

Wow, thank you for putting together this wonderful resource of information and knowledge from the industry leaders to help all VR owners alike. What a line-up of events you had. Got on to watch the first sessions on day 1. Boy did I feel cheated, I wanted my guest/s to go home so I could continue to watch the video's but that was not an option. So I spent the whole weekend trying to get a minute to watch another 5 minutes. Anyway by the time they left Sunday night, I had managed to watch the first 2 sessions on day 1 and thought it was that good I just will have to buy the program.

Donna Hamilton Paulson - WBAL TV Donna Hamilton Paulson - WBAL TV, Owner - The Mountain House, North Carolina

Thank you Antonio! After the session on Sunday, I immediately sat down and composed an email to all our guests from last year, with lovely pictures of new things at the house, including a new boulder fire actually called me about setting up some times, and got back 4 other replies via email as well. Time very well spent! I very much enjoyed what I got to  hear from the VRWS this past weekend, but I didnt' have time to listen to all, So, I did purchase the entire series for our house in the North Carolina mountains in a place where many people "summer" in the South.....the Cashiers-Highlands plateau. Our house has done amazingly well in it's first year, and I think it is because I was instinctively doing some of the things you suggested....but got such great ideas for the future, it's inspired us to look at buying another house for the rental market. Thank you!

Sam Cash Sam Cash, Owner, La Bomba - Languedoc, France

‘Is it worth the price?

Before the event I would have said no, it can't possibly be worth it. That does sound like a lot, etc. etc.

However, having watched the majority of it live I would say “yes!” it is worth the price of admission. Antonio did a pretty amazing job gathering together some of the industry's top experts.

You'll find a lot to learn, a lot to agree with and just a little to disagree with.

Your problem will be finding the time to implement all the suggestions.

Andy Cockburn

When I was at HomeAway we wanted nothing more than for owners to be fully booked and for holiday makers to enjoy the “wow factor” when staying in a holiday rental. Antonio is an excellent example of an owner who has achieved this and it is great that he is sharing his formula with other owners so that they can enjoy the same success.

Andy Cockburn CEO, MentionMe & Former Managing Director, HomeAway UK